2017 Spring Fishing & Boat Show

Over the past 10 years we have met some of the most incredible people; strangers that have become family. Running a successful trade show is not measured by the number of visitors that come through a door (although we are happy to report attendance increased yet again), it’s an ongoing cycle, a cycle that includes everyone involved. Whether it was through exhibiting, presenting, media or visiting, we truly appreciate the tremendous support the Spring Fishing & Boat Show received.

The staff and volunteers this year was beyond remarkable.

Special shout out to all of our fishing icons, Bob Izumi, Gordon G Pyzer, Italo Labignan, James Lindner, Jim McLaughlin, JP DeRose, Mike Miller, and of course Dave Mercer, who gave away $10,000 worth of personal Shimano rods to lucky spectators of his seminar on Sunday! He said it was going to be a spectacle and he delivered.

Congratulations to Wil Wegman, the latest inductee to the Angler Hall of Fame, along with Darren Jacko and Steve Voros for receiving the Rick Amsbury Award.

To all the manufacturers, thank you for choosing the Spring Fishing & Boat Show to debut your 2017 products. We are honored to host the industry leaders.

We are so blessed to have great friends, family and extensive fishing family, you all mean so much to the Spring Fishing & Boat Show family!

Mark your calendars, the 2018 Spring Fishing & Boat Show is February 16, 17, 18 & 19 at The International Centre!