2015 Casey Cup: June 27, Orillia, ON

In 2007 the “Phenix Open” was renamed by the CSFL as the “Casey Cup” in memory of Gerald “Casey” Creber and all the anglers we have lost throughout the years. We invite everyone to join us either from boat or shore in keeping their memory alive. The memorial will begin at 7:00 am with the reading of the names of the departed anglers, followed by our bagpiper, a moment of silence and concluded by the national anthem; blast off will immediately follow.

In the spirit of this event, the CSFL continues to dedicate the Casey Cup in memory of:
Casey Creber, Rick White, Bill Baker, Todd Grover, John McGuire, Gord Wilton, Kevin Jennings, Fred Pepper, Peter Janzen, Rick Amsbury, Bob Scott, Hank Gibson, Jonathan McConnell, Mike Seburn, Rob and Steve Lowe, Mike Dean, Roger Pardy, Mac Teegarden, Larry Bourgeois, John Vandivier, Gary Mills, Wes Sullivan, Cliff Lickers, Steve Perrault, Ted Wilford, Mike Maynard, Ken Thornhill, Blake Gilmore, Joey Mansholt, Bryan Berriault Sr., Pete Thompson, Rick Sim, Robert Luke, Len Telesca, Gary Poole, Dennis Leeson, John Mucklestone in keeping their memory and spirit of the sport alive.

This year we will be adding Gary O’Neill, David Leslie and Todd Million.

If you wish to add a name of a departed angler to this list please, contact the CSFL.